Curriculum Design

HTML5 Additional Coursework Safe Driver Instructor's Guide

Student supplemental course work based on the book HTML5 and CSS3, Complete by Sasha Vodnik.  The course workbook includes additional explanations of Web concepts, terminology and real life examples for students as well as review questions and keywords associated with each chapter to assist students to learning how to code in HTML.   To download a sample click here.

Vinfin Instructor's Guide for the Safe Driving class. This course was updated to include new laws and overhauled to to have a more unified look. Samples of slidework is also included in this guide. To download a sample click here.

PowerPoint Presentations and Handouts

History of HTML Presentation History of HTML Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation regardign the History of HTML and how we got where we are today. This presentation has an embedded video and a worksheet for students to fill out while watching the PowerPoint presentation.

Based on the Murach's HTML5 and CSS3 Training and Reference book Chapter 2 takes a broad look at how to code, test and validate websites. My abdaptation of the Instructor's PowerPoint for Lesson 1 - breaks down the information in easy to absorb chunks to communicate with students.

After presenting the PowerPoint lecture students have a hands-on lab to apply the material presented in Chapter 2 and map out their first website.

Reference Cards

Kronos Manager Quick Reference Card  
A quick reference card for managers who use the Kronos 5 time keeper software with the most common questions received by the help desk. Click here to view the Quick Reference card.  


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